Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunshine where are you???

I am so ready for some sunshine!!! We are having one of the rainiest springs on record here in the Portland, Oregon area. The grass needs mowing but it has rained for who knows how long. Our dog is a miniature pincher and she hates getting her feet wet but now even her belly is getting wet. Sunshine come back!!!!!! Got to get that lawn mowed before we loose our dog in the backyard.

Here is my latest piece, I finished it early this morning. 2:30am Good thing today is Saturday and a none work day!!!!

Have a great weekend. I'll be dodging rain drops.


  1. Evie, That's lovely! Putting sunshine in your work might be a good omen. :) We definitely need the sun to come back soon.

    Have a wonderful weekend, T. :)

  2. Your work is wonderful! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I use ferric chloride. But, I'm going to check out your link, thanks!

  3. WOW that necklace is gorgeous!! My yard sound much the same as yours but not because of the rain, it's because of the lazy hubby who likes to ignore the state of the yard. Hope it stops raining soon and you stop loosing your dog in the over grown grass :-)

  4. Beautiful necklace - I love that carved face and your design for it.

  5. We have a relative in Sandy with a "cat" who is also going rain crazy.

    Beautiful pedant, I hope it works :)

  6. Gorgeous! I love the softness of the face and the bezels you made.
    I am wishing you days filled with sunshine!