Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Some of the criters we came across on our road trip

Wild Turkeys at Whitman Misson in Walla Walla, WA

Beautiful Yellow Butterfly at Jubilee Lake, OR

Large Mule Deer buck still in velvet at Wallowa Lake near Joseph, OR

Another buck behind his thistle privacy screen.

Feral kitten at Old Chief Joseph grave site near Joseph, OR

Bob the Bobcat from McCall Idaho, his owner said he was friendly and I could get out of the truck and pet him. I declined!!!! Bob is a very BIG cat and I smelled like little dog.

Lastly, the renown author Norm the Bird with one of his owners. Norm produces the annual family letter about the travels of his owners and himself. A labor intense job since he types with his beak. Norm has loged many miles with his owners over the past decade. Family and friends wait anxiously each year for his letter.


  1. Looks like you had fun on your road trip :) I am loving the shot of the beautiful butterfly. :) Isn't it amazing how many "critters" we can encounter out there. Kinda scary for a British "Townie" like myself.

    Have a lovely Thursday, T. :)

  2. Great critter photos. I would have had to pet the Bobcat...we have a hybrid cat, a Savannah. She's a cross between a housecat and an african serval.,...sweeter than honey! There's a new hybrid breed too..housecat with Carical. You did encounter quite an array of animals!