Sunday, December 5, 2010

Another Win!

My hubby is a foodie and he just figured out how to do treasuries on Etsy. Please take a look at his latest treasury. It's all about food!
Trixie is a little superstitious, she has been wearing her University of Oregon, Duck coat all week! She enjoyed watching the game from her dad's lap yesterday afternoon. I'll have to sneak it into the wash before the BIG GAME. She walked around yesterday barking GO Ducks! At least I think that's what she was saying, I am not completely fluent in Dog.
I am lucky enough to have a small TV in the studio, so yes I watched the game too. Here are the pieces I was working on while watching the game. Yes, I did miss a few plays, but that's OK. Oregon Wascoite, looks like Caramel sauce to me.

Oregon Owyhee Picture Jasper

Turritella Fossil Agate
from the western USA

Copper Heart Earrings

More Re purposed Copper Earrings.

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