Saturday, March 12, 2011

This and That

Big beautiful bouquet of Iris , from special friends!

Someone who kept me company while taking pictures.

New necklace, does anyone know what this stone is?
I forgot to have the vendor write it on the receipt.

Fossilized sand dollar necklace, purchased by a geologist. How cool is that?
Thank you!


  1. wow!!!! you have an amazing talent, were do you live that bug is really cool, i'm in Ontario our bugs are all still sleeping. ttfn :)

  2. Hi, I'm a few miles south of Portland, Oregon. We've had a very mild winter without a hard freeze this year, so I'm sure we'll have lots of buggy visitors. :) Evie

  3. I hate bugs...that is the worst part about spring & summer - they all come out of hiding. Pretty pieces - love the sand dollar - the other stone looks familiar but I can't put a name to it.

  4. I have no idea what the stone is, but I DO know that it is stunning, Evie! The fossilised sand dollar is very cool...particularly because you bought it from a geologist :-)

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!


  5. That's Birdseye Rhyolite. I have several slices I need to cab and a few already done. It's on the soft side. Lovely setting :: lynn

  6. Sandi, We're lucky here in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, no poisonous critters hiding under the rocks and in the weeds. Makes cleaning up the garden beds much more pleasurable. Belinda, I love these little sand dollars... so I made one for myself! One of perks is you get to make your own jewelry. Lynn, thanks for the name!! Off to fix my Etsy listing. Have a great Sunday!!! Evie

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! What a talent you have :O)

  8. Evie, I love your new piece but I have no clue what stone it is but beautiful :)

    Love your flowers too! Maybe not the bug but great shot :)

    Have a lovely Evening, T. :)

  9. MaryAnn-Thank you! T-Thank you, Lynn from was kind enough to provide me with the name, Birdseye Rhyolite. Did the storm yesterday miss you? We were in Hillsboro and missed the whole thing. Just some fir branches on the ground here. Power stayed on. Enjoy this first Monday of daylight savings time. Evie