Monday, June 20, 2011

Saturday work

OK, in my mind Turquoise goes with sunshine and summer. Here in the Pacific northwest we are still waiting for spring. I keep making Turquoise jewelry in hopes that we will get some seasonal weather. We've had one 80 degree day so far this year, I hear we should have another one on Wednesday this week!! Of course the weather turns cooler the next day. So, I guess I'll just keep working with Turquoise and hope for warmer weather.

Cowgirls Heart

Turquoise and Silver necklace
Larsonite/Gary Green Jasper and Silver necklace
Thank you!


  1. Very pretty - I always love your turquoise pieces.

  2. I can see why the second piece sold so quickly...both are just gorgeous! I am sending some of our heat your way!

  3. Nice work Evie, wow that jasper is beautiful!

  4. Both so lovely, but I specially like your turquoise heart!