Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hornitos Poppy Jasper, Wind, Rain and a New Roof

This is a yummy piece of Hornitos Poppy Jasper I purchased in January of this year.
It has a wonderful color combination of burgundy matrix , rosy red and pale pink "poppies"
We have been waiting for a break in our weather to put on a new roof and new gutters and last week was beautiful here in Oregon!  We even hit 70degrees a couple of days.  As usual it was our spring teaser and we were back to rain and wind with much cooler temperature over the weekend and this week.  The joke here in Oregon is it rains until July 5th and then out comes the sun.
This was the largest branch down in our yard. Some of our neighbors had larger branches and about 2 blocks away a large tree took out some power lines.
But our new roof and gutters were just fine!!!!!!!
You just have to love a new roof!!!!


  1. Nothing can beat a brand new roof! I think that just like you, everyone loves it because of the comfort and assurance it gives that no matter how hard the rain comes down, our roof will be in good shape. Weather is really hard to predict, so it's a good thing you found the perfect day to install your new roof and were able to finish it. I hope you could share some before-and-after photos of your roof!

    Penelope Dingee

  2. Who on earth doesn't love a new roof? A new roof is like living in paradise! Imagine how comfortable it would be to not worry a thing or two about leaks.
    - Soo Eaton

  3. I agree with Penelope! This new roof will assure that you and your property are safe and protected against all weather conditions. Investing on a quality roof is vital not just for protection but for aesthetics too.

    -Conner Spear