Monday, June 7, 2010

Mowed Lawn!!!! and A New Turquoise Necklace

Yeah!!!! The lawn is semi dry and my hubby is outside mowing the lawn while Trixie watches. I think she's smiling. I added of picture of "happy Trixie" so you all could see what a ham she is. (Please don't hate her for wearing an Oregon Duck coat if you are an Oregon Beaver's fan, my mother made it for her. )
I hear we'll be seeing the sun here the PacificNorthWest tomorrow. Hmm where are my capris???
Here is my latest necklase, it was added to my Etsy shop earlier this evening.
New Turquoise Necklace
This is what a happy a Trixie looks like.

She was enjoying the sun over Memorial Day Weekend in Roseburg.

Freshly Mowed Lawn!!


  1. Great pictures - love the necklace. So glad Trixie is feeling better...what a cutie. Is there anything better than newly mowed grass.

  2. Too Cute :)

    I just sent my son out to cut the grass before it rains again :) T.