Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoying the Afternoon Sun

I have windowless office, and these pictures make me smile during the day. I took the landscape and bison photo while on vacation in 2008. Notice where my prototype piece ended up? But today was sunny and warm,
( My trusty key board, what would I do without you???)

Thank You!
and I need pictures of my new necklace, so off to my mother's to snap a few quick pictures.

She still has flowers blooming!

I wasn't the only one enjoying the sun, these 3 beautiful ladies are my friends and co-workers. They were kind enough to interupt their daily lunch time walk and let me take their picture.

Mom's Jacob's Coat Rose. Isn't it beautiful.


  1. Gorgeous rose and the new pendant is very nice!

  2. Love the pendant...great pictures. I hope you get to do more with your prototype - it's great.