Saturday, January 8, 2011

I just love Owyhee Jasper

I could just get lost in this landscape. We picked this cabochon up on our road trip last fall. One of many pieces I drool over at Golden Arts in Lewiston, Idaho.
You can read more about this shop by checking out my blog from Sept 23, 2010.


  1. What a gorgeous stone! There is a magical little landscape hiding in there :-) I love the simple setting you've created, it really lets the stone take centre stage.

    I just had a peek at your Etsy store...your work is truly beautiful! I look forward to seeing what you create next :-)

    Take care,

  2. Thanks Belinda! I off to finish reading your blog and checking out all of your beautiful jewelry! Evie

  3. Beautiful stone. Love the landscape design in the stone. Your jewelry is beautiful!