Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yesterday was full of babies.

This is my future daughter in law, we were out shopping for the perfect dress yesterday.

Look at that smile!

Then we went to visit Miss Ryann and Miss Charlee and check out all of their babies on the farm.

Miss Charlee

Miss Ryann, she was our tour guide.

One the their baby cows.

These little kids were less than 24 hour old! They are so cute.

Their not so baby but still young laying hens.
I did not get pictures of their puppies.

Lots of babies on the farm this weekend!!

Lastly, me and my baby.

Love you kiddo!

I'm not able to leave comments do to Blogger problems: The photo of my son and I was taken at the view point outside of Vantage, Washington. It over looks the Columbia River Gorge.


  1. What a gorgeous family; the background in the picture of you and your baby is beautiful. I also love the baby goats - we used to raise goats and the babies are just adorable.

  2. How exciting a new daughter-in-law! I adore babies of all kinds...they just melt my heart!

  3. What cute photos :)

    Blogger has been a real pain but them someone told me to uncheck the box on the home page that says keep me signed in and I could start commenting again. Weird! Hope that helps.

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)