Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Road Trip!!!

Hi everyone !!! I thought you might like to see a few pictures Mom took on our weekend trip to visit our friends in Roseburg, Oregon! I got to meet their new puppy Tucker, Mom's pictures of him did not turn out, so you'll have to trust me when I tell you he is a handsome dude. He likes to play a lot so I sit in someones lap and watch. We all took a walk down to the river, and Tucker and I got to check out lots of new sticks, rocks, flowers and other interesting things. I got a bath after the walk because I found so many fun things on our walk.

Mom and Dad stopped by a winery on Sunday, while I guarded the truck. No one got near the truck, you see I'm very good at my job!!! They said the people in the tasting room were very nice and they had a good time talking to them.

Hillcrest Vinyards wow.... Dyson is doing some incredible wines!


Once we got home and I had my dinner, I turned in early. I love going on these trips, but I love sleeping in my own bed!! Talk to you soon, Trixie.


HillCrest Winery

Wild Iris

Does anyone know the name of this flower?


  1. it almost looks like a wild columbine, but I'm not sure! xo!

  2. I love a road trip! Tucker looks like a barrel of fun. That flower looks like some type of lilly but I don't know her name.