Friday, July 15, 2011

Rodeo Queen

I have lived in the same part of Oregon all of my life and each July 4th there are lots of events worth attending. This year for the very first time that I can remember we were given ticket to the Molalla Buckeroo's Rodeo. Hubby and I had a fantastic time watching all the events and the wonderful firework show afterwards. Unfortunatly, I forgot my camera.....

As a side note:

My husband hails from El Paso, Tx and most of his family has participated in different rodeo events at sometime in their lives. Currently we have a 4 yr old cousin who has at least one belt buckle for barrel racing.

So now you know my inspiration for this turquoise and coral necklace.


  1. This piece is just gorgeous! I love the combination and your inspiration!

  2. Evie, that is so beautiful :)

    My Hubby and kids went to the St. Paul rodeo one year, I think it was a real culture shock for his Brit. sensibilities but they all had lots of fun :) T.

  3. It's lovely Evie fit for a queen for sure even if she doesn't know how to rope a steer or barrel race. It sounds like a fun way to spend the 4th.

  4. Wow that coral stone is awesome! Matches beautifully with the turquoise beads too..but you already knew that lol :)