Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday UpDate

Saturday and sunshine in the PacificNorthWest!!!!! Beautiful!!! We have been waiting for summer to arrive, we will have 2 days in the 80's before returning to the 70's on Monday. Oh, well, we will enjoy it while it is here. The good thing is I still have not had to turn on the air conditioner this year. While Hubby worked this morning I finished some new necklaces and have listed them in our Esty shop. We are taking the rest of the weekend off to enjoy the sun and pull a few weeds. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!

Holley Blue Necklace

Koroit Opal Necklace

Owyhee Blue Opal

Thank You!

Owyhee Blue Opal Necklace


  1. All of them are very pretty the first piece. I am soooo jealous of your weather...we are about to fry...I am so ready for fall & even winter.

  2. Oh my, Owyhee Blue Opal? Gorgeous! Love your Holley Blue, too :: lynn

  3. Sandi, I bet you are ready for some cooler weather. The rest of the country is so warm this year, our family in Houston is praying for hurricans just to get the rain. Stay cool!

    Lynn, Owyhee Blue Opal is a fairly new find from Eastern Oregon. I've only seen it as the rock shows in the last year. It is a "common" opal with no fire, but the blue is amazing!! Last weekend we stubbled upon a rock shop in a tiny town on our way to the Oregon coast. He had some very nice Holley Blue gathering dust. Of course this made me a very happy girl. Now if I could just find some Ellensburg Blue...guess we will have to check out some little towns in Eastern Washington one weekend.
    Lynn I hope you are staying cool also. And how is the Shasta coming along?

  4. That top piece -- my absolute favorite! Stunning!

  5. Oooh lovely, all of them are so pretty. What a fab Koroit stone! :)

  6. Beautiful necklaces! Love the blue opal, what a gorgeous stone.

  7. Gorgeous work Evie! Ohhhhhhh that opal WOW!!!

    Glad you guys are getting a little sun, I was beginning to wonder.