Friday, September 16, 2011


I think my new camera and I have finaly made peace. I just let it do it's thing on "auto", it appears to be a lot smarter than me.

Tonight, while I was outside taking pictures of some of my new pieces, I was BUZZED by this little girl. I believe she is an Anna Hummingbird. Looks like my new camera got a pretty nice picture of her. Do you see that blue sugar water? Well, My Hubby likes to change up the color of the sugar water every now and then. There has been a lot of activity around the feeder in the last few week. I'm pretty sure our little visitors are enjoying the fuchsia in full bloom behind the feeder.

Sold, Thank You!

Oregon Beach Glass and Silver Necklace
My Hubby picked the "heart" shaped piece of glass up on our Labor Dayroad trip.

Pretty Cool!!

Pink Glass and Silver Earrings

Thank you!

Red Agate and Kingman Turquoise Earrings

(plus copper color fresh water pearls)


Thank you!

1 comment:

  1. Nice shot Evie :)

    That is so cool that your Hubby changes the water colour for the Hummingbirds :)

    I LOVE you piece "Oregon Plume Agate" necklace and awesome that what you drew and imagined came out so beautifully :)

    I was really moved by your piece about your Nan, I am so sorry to read about your lose, it is never easy to deal with and cry all the tears you need to my dear, happy or sad tears are what gets us thru. I'm sure you have wonderful memories from 50 years tog. and I am sure they will boost you up on those days that challenge your heart.

    Have a lovely weekend, regards, T. :)