Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Son and the BIG Yellow Truck

He may not have a vintage dress to try on, but he was very excited to start the work needed to get the truck ready for the big day. His plan is to use the truck in their wedding. The truck was purchased by my hubby a few months before we were married in 1978. (I got to pick the color, and I never lost it in a parking lot!) We drove it on our honeymoon. :) I drove it to work while I was pregnant with our son. I'm told it was very funny to watch me at 9 month trying to getting in and out. Once our son got his license the BIG truck became his vehicle until he started college. Now it needs some love so it will be ready for the big day. FYI, being BIG, yellow and only getting 9miles to the gallon, made it easy to keep track of him in High School. Someone was bound to tell Mom or Dad if the saw him out and about. :)

It needed a bath before starting its journey.This is the 2nd tow truck that was sent. We tried to explain we need a flat bed when we called for a tow.

He loves his BIG Yellow Truck.


  1. Wonderful! I love your story and how cool that he will be using the yellow truck on his special day!

  2. I like the way he gets ready for his special day :)

  3. Oh Evie, those pictures are priceless :)

    I'm sure their wedding day will be such a great day including such special things :)

    Have a lovely weekend, T. :)