Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Second day of our road trip

Hi! I am back to show you more pictures of our road trip. On day two we all slept in. I love sleeping with Mom and Dad!! After we all had breakfast, Mom shared her bagel and cream cheese with me, we set out to see Dad's favorite Aunt and Uncle. He had not seen them in 3yrs so we had a nice long visit before setting off to explore the area around Prineville, OR. We walked around and Mom took some pictures of the courthouse and the statue. Then Dad drove off down to road to explore. Mom took lots of pictures of flowers and rock formations. Dad stopped and did some exploring around a spruce tree that had been hit by lighting. Pretty cool stuff. FYI Mom did share her fry bread with me. Yummy!! I have more to show you tomorrow, Bye for now Trixie.
Hi Debbie, I thought of you while we walked around Bend. The Mill District is so pretty! We had a great Happy Hour at Anthony's and did a little window shopping. I can't wait to go back!!
Favorite Aunt and Uncle

Neat statue in Prineville, Oregon

Crook County Courthouse all dressed
for the 4th of July

Large spruce tree struck by lighting

Up close with wild flowers

Mom like rock formations ????


  1. Hi Evie!
    I enjoy Prineville...it has such an aura of gentleness like the good 'ole days...
    I can hear the coyotes howl when I close my eyes!
    I love seeing your great pictures! Yum..Anthonys!!!!!
    Give Trixie a scratch behind the ears from me!

  2. Great pictures - sounds like you are having a great time...it looks like a beautiful place to visit.

  3. Hi Evie, Wow! That looks like fun. So much to see and explore in Oregon. I really wanted to go to that gem show. I met some of the vendors in Az. I'm wondering how it was?